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St. Clair Athletic Backers
Supporting All St. Clair High School Programs and Athletes

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Please consider participating in the St. Clair Athletic Backers
because YOU play a large part in the success of the organization
and our ability to help our students.

About Us

We are a 501c3 organization and all of the funds we generate go back to benefit the student athletes at St. Clair Public School.

This organization is built on the support of parents, coaches, faculty, administration, alumni and other supporters of the St. Clair School District. Volunteering with our organization supports nearly 35 athletic teams in a dozen different sports.


Volunteer time and raise money. Contribute funds to better enhance the team or organizations performance. Financially support the St. Clair High School athletic programs providing additional funding for equipment. Listen to and work with the head coaches of each of our school-sponsored sports.


Openly discuss or review coaching or team support staff performances. Staff evaluations are SOLELY the responsibility of the school district. Openly discuss playing time issues. Recruit or encourage athletes from another school district to transfer to District 75. Pay for any fees associated with camps or clinics, including participation, lodging and transportation fees. 

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